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5 easy work week looks to put on repeat

by: Alicia Kim

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November 11, 2021

Between the Sunday scaries and Monday morning hustle, the last stressful concern you want to add to the mix is outfit indecision. One of the easiest ways to alleviate that indecision is to factor your casual work outfits in as staples within your capsule wardrobe.


The individual pieces of your capsule wardrobe are versatile. They emulate comfort and style. They are both casual enough and formal enough for your work environments and your post-work environments. They also mix and match easily with other items in your closet.


This doesn’t mean you have to wear the same thing every day, but it does mean that on the days you feel yourself reaching capacity, you have easy outfits to turn to on autopilot.


Below, we’ve put together five outfits that can remove the stress of making decisions while retaining the fun of fashion. Each of these outfits take just one swap to go from formal to casual, making them the ultimate minimalist’s guide to work outfits so you can stay stylish all day long.

Versatile Work Outfits for Every Day of the Week

Monday: Jumpstart in Your Jumpsuit

Work outfit: Trust us, the jumpsuit is the answer to your lazy day sophistication problems. It’s a piece that can take you to the office and out of it in style and comfort. It's the best way to jumpstart your week. We’ve paired this tailored jumpsuit with a form-fitting turtleneck underneath for a more formal office setting. For our travel capsule wardrobe that can take us on work and fun trips alike, we never leave this care-free satin number behind.

After-work outfit: Happy hour? Movies with friends? Swap the blazer and turtleneck out for a sweater to tie over your shoulders for a look that’s both chic and casual.

Tuesday: Make it Easier

Work outfit: It's one of those days where you don’t even want to look at your calendar. You want something that sings with sophistication but secretly feels as comfortable as sweatpants. This is the time to pull the Easy Day Pants out. Tuck a top in and throw your belted blazer on top and you’re ready to rumble.

After-work Outfit: Just ditch the blazer and show off the fun top underneath, no wardrobe change necessary.

Wednesday: Formal and Fit

Work outfit: Wednesdays are the days to take advantage of a more casual dress code, and throwing on this pair of leggings with a twist is the perfect way to do it. We love to pair these pants with a high-low blouse and simple flats to make this look office-appropriate.

After-work outfit: Post work yoga on the agenda? Swap your blouse for an active sports bra and you’ll be ready to twist and flow to your heart’s desire.

Thursday: for Friday's sake

Work outfit: It’s not technically Friday, but it's time to start winding down and having some fun. For an outfit full of flair, wear a shimmery satin tank with tapered pants and complement it with a relaxed, elegant blazer. (Fun fact, our blazers are machine washable and hang dry, meaning they’re not only friendlier for the environment, but they also free you from all the dry cleaning hassles.)

After-work outfit: If you didn’t already opt to wear them during your work day, replace your tapered pants with jeans for your Thursday night out and about.

Friday: Wrap it Up

Work outfit: It’s Friday, and you deserve to end the week on a smart, but cozy foot. Pull on a pair of your favorite tapered pants with an interesting wrap blouse. Then pair that with a large cup of coffee and you’ll be polished and prepped for your first morning meeting.

After-work outfit: Swap your blouse for a cropped linen top and you have an easy post-work picnic fit, or throw on a silky satin tee and you’re instantly ready to ring in the weekend at your cocktail hour with friends.

We love to see how you choose to tackle your work week fits. Share it on Instagram and tag us at @ADAY.

Home | Journal | Capsule Wardrobe

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