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(soft) serving up a summer capsule wardrobe

by: Alicia Kim

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August 20, 2021

Cone to Capsule Inspiration

Here at ADAY, we take our inspiration from the things that give us joy, and lately, that joy has been found in soft-serve swirls on hot summer days. And we’ve been thinking - whether you take your ice cream straight up or with sprinkles and dipped in chocolate - the ingredients that make up this delightful summer treat are not all that different from the essentials we use to create a capsule wardrobe.

Don’t believe us? Here are three ways to break your cone down and build your summer capsule wardrobe up.

01. Cone or Cup?

Is your scoop perched on a crispy waffle cone or paired, gelato-style, with a colorful palentina spoon? We start our capsule wardrobe checklist by looking at the foundation of our summer outfits. These are the items that you wear on repeat, the starting point to most of your outfits, and the pieces that are as comfortable to you as your favorite pajama set.


Ideally, your foundational pieces should be items that repurpose well. They should function through your commute and seasonal challenges and help you transition effortlessly through the different events in your life.

  • Some wardrobe essentials we’d recommend putting on your summer capsule checklist:
      • A classic white button-down that goes with absolutely everything
      • A pair of staple tapered pants to dress up or down
      • A t-shirt with a perfect hem that works as a layer or on its own
      • Soft, functional leggings that are as comfortable as they are cute

02. Find Your Flavor

Maybe today you’re feeling a simple scoop of vanilla, but maybe tomorrow you’re feeling some mint chocolate spunk. The purpose of a capsule wardrobe isn’t to turn you into a one-note flavor, but rather to help you find the unique combination that is true to your personal style and your identity.  


Colors in the closet get a bad reputation for being difficult to repurpose across outfits or to incorporate into a capsule wardrobe. However, having a solid foundation of base colors (think blacks, whites, beiges) makes it easier to mix and match with a pop of color.


Something to keep in mind while picking your flavor profile: focus on items that can stand the test of time and that you won’t grow tired of easily. Just as you wouldn’t want to get sick of a flavor halfway through your cone, you don’t want to incorporate colors or patterns that you will only love for a few wears.


A quick and easy way to add splashes of color into a more neutral palette is to move into timeless colors (think of more neutral shades of blues, greens, and yellow). If you’re looking for a fun, versatile pattern, consider incorporating stripes into your closet.


Here are some flavors to incorporate into your summer capsule:

03. Top It

Think of the finishing touches to your summer capsule wardrobe like the signature sprinkles or the maraschino cherry on top of your ice cream. These are the small details that help complete your outfit.


Playing around with different accessories can enhance your capsule wardrobe without adding too much clutter to your wardrobe. For capsule toppings, consider accessories like jewelry, bandanas, bags or shoes. Just like the crispy sweet chocolate dip covering your vanilla soft-serve, these outfit accessories can play just as important of a role as the foundational pieces they complement. Similar to your flavor selection, your choice of toppings helps make your outfit uniquely yours.


These are a few of our favorite ways to top our outfits:

  • A chic bandana that matches your Self Care Shorts just right
  • A versatile, stylish bag that can hold everything you need and survive all of your commutes
  • A pair of white sneakers that can go with every outfit under the sun
  • A pair of sunglasses or a hat to soak in all the rays this season

The Final Scoop

Ice cream goes wherever you want to go - through different seasons, events and emotions. The same idea applies to your capsule wardrobe. To build a successful summer capsule, keep versatility top of mind as you pick out your wardrobe essentials, your flavorful and uniquely-your-own pieces, and all the accessories that complement your outfits.


At ADAY, our goal is to put smart designs and technical, consciously designed materials in your hands. We hope this makes styling your summer capsule wardrobe as simple as ordering a swirl on a summer day.  

Home | Journal | Creating a Capsule Wardrobe

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