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Uniforms: The simplest thing you can add to your wardrobe | Read the Optimist Report
Uniforms: The simplest thing you can add
to your wardrobe | Read the Optimist Report


minimalist fashion: the ins and outs of paring down

minimalist fashion: the ins and outs of paring down

fabrics 101: best fabrics for women's travel pants

by: Maria Del Russo

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November 6, 2020

For the longest time, I was someone who wore denim on airplanes. Seriously — I was so concerned with looking cool as I passed through security, that, to me, the best travel pants for women meant “uncomfortable, non-stretchy denim that you’ll immediately regret wearing the second you sit down in your tiny coach seat.”

Luckily, my feelings on the matter have evolved from there, especially since I’ve now been introduced to chic, but comfortable travel pants in a variety of fabrics. Gone are the days of pajama pants, tie-front sweats, or denim that has exactly zero give. No more sitting on planes, in trains, or in cars uncomfortably shifting around in your seat because your pants are a little too snug around the waist. Pants with stretch and give, that are totally machine washable are out there — and they’re super cute, too.

But what makes a good travel pant? Well, that depends on the fabric. A lot of what makes pants comfortable and travel-friendly lies in the material. You’re looking for breathable, comfortable, & wrinkle-free materials that will also work in the climate where you are traveling to.

Stumped? Don’t be. There are so many options to choose from, and I’m laying them out here.

The Best Fabrics for Travel Pants

Before you choose the cut and style of your travel pants, it’s a good idea to start with the materials they’re made out of. Which are the best?



Tends to get a bad rap because of its reputation as an itchy, dated fabric. But modern versions of polyester are incredibly soft and breathable, making them ideal for all types of travel. Bonus: It doesn’t wrinkle!



Also known as spandex, is one of the best materials for travel. It’s flexible and comes in a few different thicknesses, making it great for warmer climates or chillier temps. Elastane doesn’t pill, and is sweat-wicking — so even if you’re going from cold temperatures to warmer ones, you’ll stay nice and cool.



Isn’t a super-breathable fabric, but it’s water-repellant and warm. They also tend to be more stain-resistant, and they don’t pill. These are the types of pants you want to pull on when you’re headed somewhere chilly and cozy.



On the other hand, is better for warmer weather, because it’s so incredibly lightweight and breathable. The one drawback? It wrinkles easily, so it’s better for car travel, since you don’t have to look polished while walking through an airport.


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