experiments in conscious design

Over the past 9 months, we conducted 3 experiments, innovating with our factories and mills to optimize environmental impact at every stage: design, sourcing, and production. Here are the results.

EXPERIMENT 1/3: Design + Pattern Making

Easy Days Pant

Applying a minimal waste philosophy to our design process + production leftovers, we designed these lightweight pants for New York days, California nights + everything in between. Easy.

Available in Midnight + Moss + White
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Easy Days Pant
Easy Days Pant
EXPERIMENT 2/3: Fabric Innovation

Each jacket is made from 41 water bottles and can be reworked into a new garment at the end of its life cycle to Waste Nothing. "Made from a single piece of recycled scuba-style fabric with kimono sleeves, the piece can be worn as a jacket, or reversed as a top. Très chic, non?"

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Our changemakers in Brooklyn, NY

We photographed our experiments on like-minded changemakers, who are redefining what it means to be fashion-conscious.


Theresa Williams + Corinna Williams

Co-founders, Celsious


Summer Rayne Oakes

Author + activist


Whitney Bauck

Founder, Unwrinkling + writer, Fashionista


Britt Bergmeister

Founder, ODM / ODC


Reza Cristián + Carissa Herb

Co-founders, SUSTAIN

EXPERIMENT 3/3: Energy consumption

Got The Scoop Tank

Made in an Italian mill and a Portuguese factory that are heavily renewable, this easy-to-wear tank in our signature technical silk fabric is popular with solar supporters, sunshine lovers and nighttime adventurers. So versatile.

Available in Midnight + Cloud
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Got The Scoop Tank
Got The Scoop Tank

We’re only just getting started

We’re on a mission to set a new standard for clothing. We’re young, with an aim to be a world leader in conscious design, creating quality staples that allow you to do more with less.

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