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Bye, Fast Fashion. Hello, Outfit Repeating.

What is outfit repeater? An outfit repeater wears the same outfit over + over again but makes it feel fresh + new each time. Outfit repeaters invest in higher quality clothes that they’ll wear forever, which saves money because the cost per wear is much lower.

Introducing...the Outfit Repeater Challenge. We paid our community to stop shopping and wear ADAY all day, every day for two weeks straight.





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Why We Did It

On average, we wear an outfit 7 times before throwing it away. Crazy, right? So we broke down the cost per wear of ADAY, and paid participants to style the same item on repeat for 14 days.

Hello Savings, Goodbye Waste

Small steps, like buying fewer pieces you can do more in + outfit repeating, add up to have a big impact. Believe it or not, wearing your clothes 50x instead of 5, reduces carbon emissions by 400% per item, per year (Forbes). That’s why we chose to work with Cool Effect. By understanding how to reduce your own carbon footprint, you can make small steps each day to reduce your impact on the planet too.

What is cost per wear?

Cost per wear is the item’s price divided by the number of times you wear it.

Here's What We Learned



Said this challenge changed the way they thought about shopping



Reduction in future clothing purchases



Fewer tops needed in a 2-week wardrobe



Less time spent getting ready in the AM

How do I become an outfit repeater? Join the movement.

All you have to do to become an outfit repeater is to re-wear the clothes that you already have hanging in your closet. Put your outfit repeating skills to the test + sign up for our #OutfitRepeaterChallenge below. Read more about tips for outfit repeating here.

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