this is
super satin

Our next stop on the journey is something you've never seen (or felt) before—super soft, drapes like silk, streeeetchy, machine-washable and made out of recycled plastic bottles because sustainability matters.

the carry-on coat

Our first coat is made using our water-resistant Super Satin + it's lined with ECONYL® Regenerated Nylon, made using fishing nets collected from our oceans.

stretchy, recycled, washable

We make our super satin using a special blend made of 92% recycled bottles + 8% elastane. It's the perfect combination of performance + polish.

the take-off tank

A chic, flattering tank — layer it or let it shine solo.

take your pick...
the take-off tank comes in almond + black

the first class

The Made It T-Shirt gets a satin makeover, and we are very here for it

why wear a "normal" tee when you
could wear this?
(what? it's a serious question.)

love super satin?

Then you should check out BetterKnit, our luxe wool-cashmere blend that's super soft, machine-washable + super wearable.

where will we go next?

Check back next week.

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