4 Essential Pieces to Include in Your Capsule Wardrobe

4 essential pieces to include in your capsule wardrobe photo snippet

A capsule wardrobe can make your life so much easier. But this is only possible if you invest in quality, versatile pieces that will stand the test of time.

Become an intentional shopper today with our guide to the 4 essential pieces you need to start building a capsule wardrobe. By educating yourself on the quality of your clothes and the benefits of investing in high-quality, sustainable pieces, you’ll minimize waste and reduce your fashion footprint.

The first step is to purchase from ethical and sustainable brands like Aday. We make capsule wardrobes from innovative fabrics so you can do more with less.

Our Co-Work Capsule includes essentials that can be worn in different ways, anytime and anywhere—whether you’re out with friends, at a parent-teacher meeting, or at an important corporate event.

"Aday products are excellent. They are well-made, versatile, easy to care for, and comfortable. I love the capsule concept and doing more with a few well-selected pieces."
 Pamela M

Build your capsule wardrobe with these key clothing items that will give you endless outfits for every occasion.

#1  A Classic White Button Down

You can never go wrong with a classic white button down. It’s an extremely versatile and dependable piece that goes with everything.

With its classic design, the white button-down shirt is an essential wardrobe piece that never goes out of style. Additionally, by investing in a high-quality women's button-down shirt, you can ensure that it will last for years to come, making it a sustainable and cost-effective choice for your wardrobe. 

On days when you aren’t sure what to wear, begin with this classic. It's a blank canvas, which makes it the perfect capsule wardrobe essential. Add slacks for work, wear it open over a tank top and jeans for weekend plans, or leave untucked over a skirt for a modern look that works for any setting. A classic white shirt cannot go underestimated for making a smart and put-together look in under a minute.

#2  A Simple Everyday Tee

We highly recommend owning a few classic t-shirts in neutral colors. They’ll come to the rescue when you feel you have nothing to wear. 

They pair well with jeans, dress pants, shorts, and skirts, and can be worn on any occasion, from the office to the most casual setting. When you audit your capsule wardrobe for a new season, classic t-shirts are also the perfect way to add color and seasonal changes to your capsule, to keep it feeling fresh without throwing money away on expensive trends.

Still, it’s important to invest in tees made with quality fabrics that wash and wear well, as these are items that are made to last.

"... I've been on the hunt for the perfect white tee forever now, and I finally found it from Aday."
- Jade, Verified Aday Customer

#3  A Flattering Wrap Dress

Dresses are versatile, practical, and perfect for every season. They are also a perfect one-and-done outfit, which is why dresses are a capsule wardrobe essential. We prefer a flattering wrap dress for summer that can be worn for work, weekend plans, or on vacation.

Whether you're exploring a new city or going out to dinner with friends, a wrap dress can be easily styled up or down in different settings. They are lightweight and easily adjustable, making them easy throw on and go for last minute plans where you still want to look put-together. Additionally, a wrap dress is a comfortable and breathable option that is perfect for warmer climates. 

Travel friendly wrap dresses that are wrinkle-free are perfect for rolling into a suitcase, knowing it will still look great when you arrive at your destination. With its flattering and feminine silhouette, a wrap dress is a timeless and stylish option that will never go out of fashion. For these reasons, a wrap dress is a must-have travel staple that every fashion-savvy traveler should have in their capsule wardrobe.

#4 Functional and Chic Pants

Your capsule wardrobe will need a few pairs of non-denim pants. They’re polished, highly versatile, can be paired with with tees, shirts, sweaters, and tops. Adding functional and chic pants to your capsule wardrobe will give you more outfits to choose from than if you just rely on jeans.

Make sure the pants you choose are well-fitted, flatter your body shape, are comfortable, and have pockets for maximum convenience. It's also best to choose machine-washable pants so you're not spending time and money at the dry cleaners.

Pants in neutral colors such as black, navy, and khaki are ideal for creating a capsule wardrobe because they can be mixed and matched with a variety of tops, allowing for versatility and longevity. You will wear these classic colors, and thus these pants, for a longer time because they will never go out of style. 

Now that you have the 4 essentials you need to build a capsule wardrobe, you can confidently start adding pieces that make it reflect more of your personality and personal style. Or, if building a capsule wardrobe still seems daunting, you can start with this 6 piece capsule wardrobe designed for 
every workspace, from conference rooms to coffee shops.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the capsule wardrobe mistakes to avoid?

Below are some of the capsule wardrobe mistakes we highly recommend you avoid:

  • Focusing on quantity instead of quality
  • Shopping without considering your personal style and lifestyle
  • Impulse buying items that are on sale
  • Copying someone else’s wardrobe without considering that their style, skin tone, or body shape might be different from your own

What doesn’t count in a capsule wardrobe?

Sleepwear, uniforms, underwear, and special event clothing never count as part of a capsule wardrobe. However, after decluttering your closet, you might be inspired to replace these items and invest in a few statement accessories to match and make the most of your new capsule wardrobe.

Can a capsule wardrobe be seasonal?

Yes. Your capsule wardrobe can include some seasonal pieces if they align with your personal style or taste. However, your capsule wardrobe should primarily consist of classic, timeless pieces that are worn in and out of season. We recommend auditing your capsule wardrobe every season to make sure it is still reflecting your lifestyle in order to make sure you're getting the most out of it that you can.