Proud to be an Outfit Repeater


Not a moment, a movement

We’re on a mission to create wardrobes that are flexible and versatile, so you can wear them on repeat. Outfit Repeating is bigger than us. It’s about creating a better future by buying fewer, better things and wearing them more often.

A fresh start, a new approach.

Outfit repeating isn’t about mindlessly wearing the same thing everyday – exactly the opposite. Outfit repeating is about innovation, confidence, and participating responsibly in the ecosystems around you.

Change the way you shop

You’re about to embark on a journey to transform the way you think about clothing. We can’t wait to see how you embrace your personal style and share your creativity.

Here’s to dressing for the future you want

 We’re so excited to see how you use your extra time, space, energy, and joy. Here’s to changing the world.