3 Styles That Capsule Wardrobe Women Swear By, and 3 You Can Live Without

3 Styles That Capsule Wardrobe Women Swear By, and 3 You Can Live Without featured image

The joys of having a capsule wardrobe are endless. They offer effortless versatility, they save you money, and they’re better for the planet.

This minimalist approach to fashion involves having a small collection of flexible clothing items that can be mixed and matched to create multiple outfits. The goal is to have a wardrobe that is functional, stylish, and sustainable. However, creating a capsule wardrobe can be overwhelming, especially if you're not sure which styles to include and which ones to skip. Let's explore 3 styles that capsule wardrobe women need and 3 styles you can skip.

What do I need in a capsule wardrobe?

Classic pieces

Classic pieces are timeless— not trendy— making them a must-have for a capsule wardrobe women can wear season after season with minimal changes. Our favorite classic pieces include a white button-up shirt, a black blazer, a trench coat, a pair of jeans, and a little black dress. Seeing these pieces together instantly inspires different outfits. They are so easy to mix and match that you can simply update your wardrobe with a few seasonal essentials, and have polished outfits for every occasion.

Neutral colors

Neutral colors are the backbone of a capsule wardrobe women will wear, and love, everyday. They can be paired with other colors easily, they defy seasonality, and they withstand trends, so you won’t get tired of them after a few months of wear. Timeless neutral colors include black, white, khaki, navy, and beige. Neutral colors are also a great way to create a cohesive look for your wardrobe. Every season, you should audit the colors in your capsule wardrobe, and setting a palette with neutral colors as the foundation will allow you to make more outfits, more easily. Knowing your neutrals will also stop you from making trendy impulse purchases that you’ll regret because you’ll know what colors are already in your closet.


Quality materials

Quality materials are essential for a capsule wardrobe women can feel good about investing in. When you invest in high-quality materials, you are investing in garments that will last for years, rather than garments you need to replace every few months. Quality materials are also more sustainable, as they can be worn for years without needing to be replaced. Speaking of sustainable, there are a lot of sustainable fabrics that are ideal choices for capsule wardrobes because of how high-quality and durable they are. Look for fabric attributes like breathable and moisture-wicking. This are more common in sustainable and natural fabrics, and means they can help regulate your body temperature so you feel comfortable and confident all day long. An easy way to tell if a fashion company is sustainable is to check to see if they’re B Corp Certified.


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Now that you know what to look for, let’s take a look at what styles you can skip when you’re building a capsule wardrobe women can’t live without.

Capsule Wardrobe Styles You Can Skip:

Anything ‘Trendy’

Trends are fun and exciting, but they don't have a place in any capsule wardrobe women will actually use. Trends come and go quickly, and investing in trendy pieces is a waste of money because they’re often made poorly, they go out of style after a few months, and they rarely mix and match well with timeless styles. This means you can’t wear them with the bulk of your wardrobe, so you can skip them when shopping for your capsule wardrobe.

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How can you tell if a piece is trendy or timeless? Consider its design and style. Trendy clothing often features bold prints, bright colors, and unique shapes or cut-outs. These garments are designed to catch the eye and make a statement, but they can quickly become outdated and difficult to wear on repeat. Timeless clothing, on the other hand, features classic cuts and simple designs that can be worn year after year. That’s why timeless pieces, not trends, are perfect for your capsule wardrobe.

Statement pieces

Statement pieces are just that — statements. They are meant to stand out, not mix and match with other pieces in your closet, which means they are a frustrating purchase for a capsule wardrobe. Statement pieces are not versatile enough to be worn on multiple occasions and are often expensive so you should skip them when building a capsule wardrobe women will wear for years. Instead of investing in expensive statement pieces, let your personal style shine with timeless, polished staples. You can always add a smaller statement piece like an earring or a purse in a bold color. These are easier to add to an outfit than a big statement clothing piece, and can be edited seasonally, so you can still wear them for years.

Cheap materials

Cheap materials may seem like a good idea because they are inexpensive, but they are not a good investment for a capsule wardrobe women will look and feel good wearing. Cheap materials don't last long, and they don't look as good as quality materials. When you invest in cheap materials, you are not only wasting money, but you are also contributing to fast fashion, which is bad for people and the planet. Instead, invest in something with natural, recycled, or innovative fabric that is meant to stand the test of time and that feels luxurious.

Expert Tip: When you’re tempted by a cheap piece of fast fashion, ask yourself where you’d wear it, and if you can match it with three other things in your closet. If you’ve been building a minimalist capsule wardrobe with our tips and tricks, that fast fashion won’t match anything. This will save you money and help you create better habits when shopping for your capsule wardrobe.

Building a capsule wardrobe women will love takes time, but with little hints like the ones we’ve laid out in this article, you’ll have a lighter wardrobe with more outfits than before. The art of outfit repeating gives you more time to do what you love, because you’re spending less time and money on getting dressed.