Capsule Wardrobe 2023: 5 Creative Ways to Accessorize

Capsule Wardrobe 2023: 5 Creative Ways to Accessorize featured image

What accessories are in your capsule wardrobe in 2023? A bare minimum of two or three? Maybe you prefer to keep the number low to avoid over-accessorizing and looking awkward. 

On the other hand, maybe your wardrobe harbors excess accessories such that you find it hard to choose. 

Whichever the case, your accessories need a makeover.

You can do so by thinking outside the box. For example, if you have a hard time choosing which handbag to carry, then find a multi-purpose bag, and if you don’t want to buy a jacket and a scarf, get a scarf that you can wear as a shrug.

What’s in it for you when you get creative?

  • You’ll invest in multipurpose accessories that save you money in the long run
  • These accessories will make your personal style stand out from the rest
  • You’ll have fun as you experiment with different trends and find more ideas

Additionally, you’ll be able to wear your outfits on repeat with these unique accessories, saving you time while dressing, and reducing the amount of clothes that pollute the environment when they end up in landfill.

We’ll show you creative ways of accessorizing your capsule wardrobe using lightweight items. They’re comfortable for travel, making them the perfect companions to your Carry-On Capsule wardrobe.

 01. Invest in a Multi-Purpose Bag

capsule wardrobe woman wears top and basket of flowers

Bags are functional, right? They carry your keys, wallet, makeup, notebook, and other items you need every day.

But at the same time, they’re accessories that come in various shapes, sizes, and materials, and are useful for adding a touch of sophistication to your outfits.

The more multifunctional the bag, the better for you because you’ll use it for different purposes. 

Aday’s one-size En Route Crossbody Bag is the perfect everyday bag that’s as versatile as you. Its neutral color (sage) goes well with all outfits.

The strap has 10 length settings, meaning they’re adjustable to transform the bag from a crossbody to a fanny pack, or a clutch.

Whenever you want a dressier look, it’s possible to swap the original belt with a chain belt (sold separately).

There are five pockets on the inside, and elastic loops to hold your pens and makeup brushes. The zipper opens all the way to the bottom so that the bag lies with its top flap open like a suitcase, letting you arrange your items nicely.

I have been using it as my everyday purse and I love all the pockets and other features that make it easy to organize items.Kristen O. 

This bag is made with sustainability in mind. We’ve used 100% polyester, which also happens to be an easy-to-clean material that only needs wiping with a cloth and soapy water.

This bag is sleek enough to dress up, but serious enough to withstand everyday use. The material is easy to clean.Eden S.

Investing in a multifunctional bag is something you won't regret. Besides accessorizing your outfits, you’ll discover that you won’t need as many bags as you needed before.

02. Add Scarves, Hats, and Arm Warmers 

woman wearing aday accessories

Have you ever wondered if there are unique accessories for the cold weather? Scarves, hats, and arm warmers are examples. They add a variety of colors and textures to your outfits, while also keeping you warm, but they’ve got to be more than ordinary.

When it comes to adding useful features to scarves, hats, and arm warmers, nobody does it better than Aday. We make sure they’re versatile so that you wear them in different ways.

Our Rain or Shine Hooded Scarf is not just an ordinary scarf. The hood makes it more sophisticated, and you can layer it with a beanie in cold weather and still look fabulous.

The Shrug It Off Scarf is another accessory with added features. This one is worn either as an ordinary scarf or as a shrug, eliminating the need for a jacket.

How impressive is that?

Our beanie—the Three-In-One Hat—can be rolled to give two different looks, or let down and worn as a balaclava.

Keep It Cozy Arm Warmers are another cold-weather accessory we recommend. We’ve taken into account that in cooler months, you would love to sit on the couch, sipping a hot drink while scrolling on your phone, so we intentionally left thumb holes in the arm warmers.

And socks? You may ask. We have Double Up Socks made of CoolKnit, which is blended yarn combined with responsibly-sourced cotton, cashmere, and wool.

With our accessories, You’ll buy and wear them with confidence, knowing that they’re made of sustainable and durable fabric.


Expert Tip: Have your accessories in neutral colors like cream and gray to easily pair them with your wardrobe.

03. Belt Yourself Up

To flatter your waist, we recommend accessorizing it with a belt that adds shape and structure to help define your silhouette.

Belts come in all sizes, from chunky to braided. But for a capsule wardrobe, you’ll want to go for a simple belt, such as one made from grosgrain elastic.

Grosgrain belts are made of a sturdy ribbon material sewn onto elastic to create a ribbed texture that adds visual interest, with the elastic ensuring the belt stays firmly in place.

Go for a grosgrain belt made of recycled materials such as polyester, and natural materials such as organic cotton for the elastic, which are more sustainable.

When you buy Warm It Up Pants from Aday, they come with a black grosgrain belt that has a gunmetal adjuster for greater flexibility.

By the way, these pants are made from ThermalStretch, a supersoft, light, and double-sided knit with a thermal interior. They're brushed on the inside and matte on the outside. 

The belt they come with is versatile enough to accessorize your other pants or cinch your waist while wearing a bestseller dress such as the Something Borrowed Dress.

On the whole, belts are a great addition to your capsule wardrobe because they’ll elevate your outfits while doing their job of keeping your pants or dress in place.

04. Get an Eyemask, the Function Meets Fashion Accessory 

Yay! Eyemasks. When was the last time you wore one? Perhaps you desire to but don’t know how practical they truly are.

Eyemasks are fashionable, useful and a lovely accessory for frequent fliers. If you’re feeling super creative, use them to accessorize your bag, display on a nightstand, or as a headband in a pinch. Again, we emphasize picking a playful yet versatile color, like a navy or burgandy for maximizing the addition to your capsule wardrobe.

When does your eyemask come in handy? A few versatile benefits of this accessory include:

  • Helps with sleep: An eyemask is a popular accessory for aiding in sleep by blocking out light and creating a dark environment. This can be helpful for people who work night shifts, travelers, or those who are simply sensitive to light.
  • Promotes relaxation: An eyemask can also be used as a relaxation tool during activities like meditation or yoga. By blocking out visual distractions, an eyemask can help you focus on your breath and achieve a deeper state of relaxation.

Can be used for skincare: Eyemasks can help soothe tired eyes, reduce puffiness and the creation of fine lines, and even help with dark circles. Some are infused with ingredients like lavender or chamomile, which have calming properties that can further enhance relaxation.

To accessorize your neck with a bandana, one way is to fold the bandana into a long strip, then tie it around your neck with the knot tucked in at the back. The result? A bandana choker.

Another way is to tie it with the knots at the back of your neck and let the material fall on your chest, or knot it on the side of your neck like a bow tie.

Note: If you choose to wear the bandana resting on your chest, make sure you tie it a bit loose so that it flows with your movements.

However, if you choose to wear the bandana resting on your chest, make sure you tie it a bit loose so that it flows with your movements.

To accessorize your handbag with a bandana, tie it on your bag’s handle, on the side facing away from you so that it will be visible to other people.

Bandanas also add contrast. If for example, you have a white handbag, tying a navy bandana creates that contrasting effect, improving the overall appearance of the bag.

Aday has such classic bandanas. Our screen-printed Here. Now. Silk Bandana (midnight color) is what you need to accessorize your bag, neck, or head.

It’s made from Technical Silk, a luxuriously soft fabric that dries quickly and is wrinkle-free to save time on ironing.

Just fold it up nicely and tuck it in one of the many pockets of our En Route Crossbody Bag, and whenever you need to tie your hair back for yoga, or quickly use it to accessorize your bag, it will be within reach. That’s how versatile bandanas are. 

05. Include Some Statement Jewelry 

You need a couple of statement pieces in your jewelry box to add elegance to your capsule wardrobe. These pieces should look good solo or when paired with other pieces.

They include anything from hoop earrings to a pendant necklace. When it comes to accessorizing your capsule wardrobe with jewelry, you’re spoilt for choice.

So go on, buy that collar necklace you’ve been eyeing. It’s a worthy investment because you can wear it solo with Aday’s Something Borrowed Shirt or Something Tailored Shirt, or layer it with a thin chain necklace to wear with another outfit.

Both shirts, which are long-sleeved, are made from our stretchy Technical Silk fabric. They also have V-necks that allow your necklace to be visible. 

Bracelets, rings, and earrings are another elegant way of accessorizing your minimalist wardrobe. A pair of studs does wonders to a simple outfit. If for any reason diamonds aren’t your cup of tea, metal studs won’t disappoint you.

Just be sure to purchase ethical diamonds from retailers who disclose their source, and are willing to produce a written guarantee on the labor standards of their diamond mines. This ensures you’re not promoting blood diamonds (obtained through human abuse).

Another way to accessorize your capsule wardrobe is by using simple pearl jewelry, such as a chain necklace with a single pearl as the pendant.

Pearl jewelry certainly adds polish and elegance to any outfit, and the fact that they’ve remained fashionable over the years proves they’re timeless pieces.

Other jewelry pieces ideal for accessorizing your capsule wardrobe include:

  • A pendant necklace to layer with other necklaces
  • Minimalist dainty earrings for everyday wear
  • Dangly or sparkly earrings for dressier occasions
  • An ethical diamond tennis bracelet for all occasions
  • A classic watch with interchangeable metal straps

With these few statement pieces, you’ll look sophisticated no matter what outfit you’re wearing.

Pro Tip: Go for jewelry that complements your personal style and only wear a few pieces to avoid over-accessorizing.

Aday Has Multifunctional Accessories for Your Capsule Wardrobe 2023

woman twirling hair in aday bandana

When you think outside the box and select multifunctional accessories for your capsule wardrobe, you’ll save money and also stand out from the crowd with your unique style.

Such accessories include jewelry, bandanas, bags, and cold weather accessories such as beanies and scarves, which should ideally serve more than one purpose.

At Aday, we’ve designed our accessories to be extremely versatile. Our crossbody bag is easily transformed into a clutch or fanny pack, the beanies are worn as balaclavas, while the scarves are worn as shrugs or hoodies.

We are ridiculously versatile—according to Forbes’ description of Aday—because one piece of our clothing is versatile enough to be worn on a plane, during a honeymoon, at a dog park, or at an office meeting.

That’s the true definition of sustainable clothing.

Our clothing and accessories have changed the way women shop. It has given them extra time, joy, and energy, and we want to let you in on that experience.

Find unique accessories from our store and be among the 83% of women who say Aday has changed their way of shopping.