Travel Capsule Wardrobe: 4 Tips for People With Fluctuating Weight

Travel Capsule Wardrobe: 4 Tips for People With Fluctuating Weight featured image

At Aday, we understand how weight fluctuations can be hard on your wardrobe and limit what you wear. 

We know: 

  • Shopping for clothes can be challenging and time-consuming as you may struggle to find the right clothes for your new size.
  • If you gain or lose a considerable amount of weight, it might be impossible to create an outfit with the clothes you had before.
  • Gaining or losing weight may mean having to buy new clothes for a good fit, costing you more money and resources.

Packing for trips is already difficult enough, but having to anticipate changes in your body size during travel makes it even more complicated.

Fortunately, with a bit of planning and creativity, putting together a capsule wardrobe tailored to accommodate any weight fluctuations doesn’t have to be daunting.

With these four tips, you’ll be able to put together a travel capsule wardrobe perfect for keeping up with those pesky pounds!

1 - Invest In Quality Basics

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When building a travel capsule wardrobe, investing in quality basics is key. Quality basics are made with the right fabrics that are travel-friendly and easy to maintain. 

For instance, technical silk is naturally wrinkle-free, so clothes made with this material are perfect for your travel capsule wardrobe, as it eliminates the need for ironing while you’re on the move.

Linen is also a great fabric for clothes in your travel capsule wardrobe since it repels odors and regulates your body temperature, ensuring you stay fresh and cool at all times.

At Aday, all our basics are made from fabrics crafted for durability, longevity, and easy care.

With sustainable fashion as our core mission, we focus only on durable and sustainable fabrics—those made with biodegradable, recyclable, regenerated, and bio-based fibers.

While these fabrics have unique properties, they all share a few desirable features that are ideal for any travel capsule wardrobe: 

  • Breathability: The fabrics’ structures allow air to circulate between their fibers, ensuring that you remain cool and comfortable even in areas with hot weather.
  • Easy care: All our fabrics require minimal care and maintenance, are machine-washable, and can be hung out in the sun to dry.
  • Moisture-wicking: Our fabrics move sweat through their fiber structures, so your skin remains dry, preventing that sticky feeling.
  • Quick-drying: Our fabrics have a fine knit structure and use synthetic fibers that don’t absorb water easily, allowing them to dry quickly and repel water.

All our fabrics are Bluesign® or OEKO-TEX®-certified, meaning they don’t leak any harmful chemicals into the environment.

Investing in quality basic pieces also means you don't have to worry about packing too much clothing or buying multiple outfits when your weight fluctuates. 

Quality basic items like tops and bottoms are the foundations for any outfit that can be mixed and matched to create several looks. 

Below are a few quality basic pieces to pack for your trip: 

  • When choosing tops and blouses, opt for those with straight cuts and are made with medium-weight fabrics like Technical Silk. They’ll drape nicely around your torso and leave nothing exposed, so it won’t be too obvious when you gain or lose weight.
  • Wrap-around tops can be constantly adjusted to your body size.
  • Wrap skirts can always be adjusted when you gain or lose weight.
  • Pants with an elastic waistband will easily adjust to your waist size.
  • High-waisted trousers are ideal because you can regulate their size with a belt.
  • Wrap-around dresses and loose-fitting dresses are great dress options since you can adjust them to any size. 
  • Consider packing a dress with buttons on the front that’s not too loose or too tight. Even when it gets too big, you can always wear it as a summer duster. 

 Expert Tip: Consider the activities you’ll be engaging in on your trip when choosing your travel capsule wardrobe. For example, if you plan on hiking, prioritize comfortable, moisture-wicking clothing.

2 - Opt For Pieces With Stretch

When it comes to clothing for travel, opt for pieces that offer some stretch. Fabrics that stretch will ensure that regardless of how much weight gain or loss occurs while traveling, there's still something comfortable and flattering available in your capsule wardrobe.

Look for garments that are made from stretchy technical fabrics as they will give you the flexibility you need to accommodate any size changes during your trip. 

Aday offers tons of stretchy clothing that are designed to give more room to accommodate any inconsistencies in your dress size. 

We use the following super fabrics for our stretchy clothes: 

  • Stretch Linen: Italian-made natural woven fabric that uses fewer pesticides and less water than cotton, and provides greater stretch and fewer wrinkles than traditional linen 
  • Tailored Stretch: Italian-made, structured soft stretch fabric with a professional matte hand feel finish. It provides ease of movement and thermoregulation for maximum comfort.
  • Technical Silk: Our signature high-stretch, Italian-made fabric that drapes like silk and is incredibly soft to touch

Pro Tip: Before your trip, try on all the pieces you plan to bring and make sure they fit comfortably in your current size. Replace too tight and too loose items with stretchy alternatives.



 3 - Always Layer Up

Layers such as cardigans, blazers, and pullovers provide extra warmth but also allow for easy alteration depending on the climate or weather conditions you encounter along the way. 

Here are some tips on how to layer up your travel capsule wardrobe:

  • Pack clothing items made from lightweight fabrics, such as technical silk, that you can easily layer over each other when the temperature drops or rises. 
    • Look for pieces in versatile colors—such as black, white, and navy blue—that will coordinate well with one another and be able to take you from day to night effortlessly. 
    • Choose practical fashion pieces that flatter your body shape at any size. You don’t need to sacrifice comfort for style. 
    • Invest in clothes that come with drawstrings, buttons, and zippers as they allow you to make quick adjustments, if needed, without compromising style. 
    • Include layering basics like tees and blouses which come in a variety of necklines and sleeve lengths. They’re easy go-to's for multiple outfits during your travels regardless of whether you've gained or lost weight recently. 
    • Add pullovers or knitwear as they provide warmth without being overly bulky, while still offering plenty of styling options. 
    • Accessorize with scarves and hats. These are great additions to any outfit as they instantly add an element of sophistication without much effort.

    By taking advantage of every opportunity available to you through thoughtful layering choices, you can create stylish looks that are both practical and comfortable, regardless of the changing weight requirements.

Really love how substantial this scarf is—it’s chunky and warm, plus it looks great layered over my beanie.” - Alexis, Verified Buyer

4 - Opt for Versatile Staple Pieces

Versatile clothing is made to be accessorized, worn, and styled in multiple various ways, so you can have more total outfits with fewer clothes.

Choosing versatile pieces for your travel capsule wardrobe is important because: 

  • It saves you space: A versatile travel capsule wardrobe will take up less space since all the items can be worn in many ways. So, rather than carrying dozens of tops and bottoms, a versatile wardrobe will let you use a few select pieces creatively.
  • It helps you declutter: Since a versatile wardrobe only focuses on basic pieces, there will be less for you to worry about, and it will be easier to keep things nice and clean.
  • You’ll always have an outfit for every occasion: Whether it’s an evening party or a lunch meeting with a client, you’ll always have something to wear with versatile clothing. A white tee, for instance, can be styled up or down and worn to both occasions. 
  • You get to wear what you love: One of the benefits of a smaller travel capsule wardrobe is that you’ll only carry pieces you really love and want to wear. 

Always pick items that can be dressed up or down so you can make the most of your clothing options while traveling. 

Look for basics, like classic tees, leggings, and pants, in neutral colors, such as black, white, gray, and navy blue. They’ll serve their purpose just fine when mixing and matching with other statement pieces. 

Go for versatile tops and blouses that pair well with both bottoms and outerwear. Think lightweight crewnecks, wrap tops, button-down shirts, tank tops, crop tops, and long sleeve tees. 

You'll also want to select one or two jackets or coats—preferably ones that match everything else in your wardrobe—as well as some light layers such as sweaters and blazers.

At Aday, our key mission is to create a better future for you and for our planet. That’s why we make capsule styles that are cleverly crafted to be as versatile as possible.

Every piece you put in your travel capsule wardrobe is designed to be worn in different ways, for different activities, and on repeat. 

Whereas an average clothing item is worn only seven times before it’s discarded, our aim is for you to become an outfit repeater. That’s why we create versatile and durable pieces that you’ll love and wear over and over again.



So many different ways to wear it! Perfect for any season! and love how new colors are coming in. Please bring more!” - Maria K. Verified Buyer 

Learn More: About our mission—Why we made Aday

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to store my travel capsule wardrobe items?

The best way to store your travel capsule wardrobe items is by organizing them by type. Separate the tops from bottoms, dresses from pants, jackets from tank tops, and so forth.

This will give you an overview of your closet at any given moment, making outfit planning much easier.

Also, invest in good-quality hangers and storage containers. High-quality hangers won't leave marks on clothes, making them ideal for delicate fabrics such as TENCEL modal and Biofleece

Storage boxes will provide the extra space needed to store bulkier items like coats and jackets.

How many items should I have in my travel capsule wardrobe?

The number of pieces in your capsule wardrobe depends on several factors, such as your length of stay, climate, activities planned, and storage space available. 

Generally, aim for 7–10 versatile items, such as bottoms, tops, jackets, and accessories that coordinate with one another. 

This way, you can mix and match various looks depending on the occasion without bringing along an entire closet's worth of clothes. 

How do I know which pieces to choose for my travel capsule wardrobe?

Start by focusing on versatile basics, like classic tees, blazers, and cardigans, that will take you from day to night in style. 

Next, add key pieces, such as statement jewelry, hats, or scarves, that will help spice up any look. 

Finally, make sure that each item is comfortable and flattering so that it looks great regardless of how much your body changes over time.

By picking out timeless staples and trendy accessories, you'll have everything you need to stay stylish during even the most fluctuating weight periods. 

And since these items are easy to mix and match, they won't ever go out of fashion.

Curate the Perfect Travel Capsule Wardrobe With Aday

When it comes to putting together the perfect travel capsule wardrobe, you want to make sure that you have pieces that are extremely versatile and comfortable. 

That way, no matter how much your weight fluctuates or what destination you’re headed to, you know that your clothes will be up for any challenge.

One of our missions at Aday is to create a sustainable fashion brand where you get to wear and style our pieces as many times as you desire while retaining their quality.

That’s why every clothing piece we make is sustainably crafted with innovative super fabrics for durability, longevity, and ease of care.

With a travel capsule wardrobe from our carry-on staples, you’ll be able to create multiple looks while still having enough room in your suitcase for souvenirs.