4 Simple Ways a Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe Helps You Declutter

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There’s nothing better than having a clutter-free wardrobe full of clothes you love. 

To that end, you need a minimalist capsule wardrobe to help keep your fashion style elegant, practical, and timeless

“Simplicity is the keynote of true elegance.”
- Coco Chanel

Building a capsule wardrobe makes you shop smarter. You’ll be conscious of buying clothes that work for you and your lifestyle. 

Creating a carefully-curated capsule wardrobe helps you:

  • Reduce stress when packing for trips
  • Easily pick out your daily outfits
  • Become more creative with your wardrobe staples
  • Be more confident in your personal style

We believe in creating a minimalist capsule wardrobe that contributes to your happiness. 

Each item in your capsule should make you think: 

“So versatile. You can dress it up or down.”
- Eirini K., Aday Customer

Check out these 4 simple ways a minimalist capsule wardrobe can help you declutter. 

1 - Helps You Find Your Style

Identifying your sense of style has a great impact on your confidence, everyday creativity, and pursuit of your daily goals. 

Looking good often translates to feeling good. Focus on setting aside all your favorite clothes and rework them into different outfits throughout the week. You’ll slowly cultivate the habit of being a creative outfit picker from your selected favorites.

More so, you’ll identify which type of clothes work for your lifestyle and body type. For example, it is easier to figure out that you love free-flow dresses because they’re easier to travel in. 

Fashion trends are sudden and often short-term.

More specifically, buying into fast fashion trends leads to clutter. You’ll enjoy a handful of your outfits, but the rest will feel out of style or out of touch. 

Fact: More than 50% of women claim 25% of their wardrobe goes unworn. This translates to throwing away more than $600. 

In the following table, we look at the effects of a minimalist capsule wardrobe on your style in comparison to without.

Effects on Your Style

Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe

No Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe


Has all your favorite timeless clothing pieces 

Trends influence your clothing style

Comfortability and Confidence

Allows you to identify your statement pieces that define your personality 

Focuses on what people think rather than what makes you feel good


You’ll comfortably pick, mix and match clothes for every season

It takes long to pick an outfit because you feel like you have nothing to wear

A 2021 experiment reveals that you can find yourself in your wardrobe. The women involved found more joy in their personal style after creating a capsule wardrobe, and became bolder and more sophisticated

You deserve to look and feel perfect in all your clothes. For example, the Aday LBD Dress is perfect for all women.

“This one looks perfect on me. It is so functional - for office, for parties, meeting customers, whatever. Also still looks good, if you gain or lose some weight. Nothing can go wrong with this dress.”
- Tetyan S., Aday Customer

2 - Helps You to Shop Intentionally

Creating a capsule wardrobe begins with asking yourself, “Why?” 

Why do you want a minimalist capsule wardrobe? Perhaps you want to live a minimalist lifestyle, save the environment, or spend less. Having a specific answer to your questions refines your shopping decisions. 

You’ll find yourself buying less and being intentional no matter what your answer is. 

Smart shopping decisions while building a capsule wardrobe will:

  • Draw your focus on quality over quantity. You are better off having an outfit you can wear for years rather than buying more low-quality ones 
  • Inspire you to buy realistic items that suit your lifestyle. Understand your daily routine to know what clothes you need 
  • Focus on minimalist wardrobe staples that maximize your style. You’ll only buy items that stretch in functionality like our Easy Day Pants
  • Make it easier to pick your outfit for the day. Choosing from a selection of comfortable clothes you love allows you to always be ready in good time

This recent study shows that having a capsule wardrobe teaches you to care for and discard clothes. You’ll actively get rid of clutter since you’re aware of what and how much you own. 

In the long run, you’ll build a sustainable and clutter-free wardrobe.

3 - Teaches You the Art of Outfit Repeating

 Aday Pro Tip on outfit repeating
Are you afraid of repeating outfits? Well, it’s normal and we encourage it. 

Buying into fast fashion trends feeds into the stigma of outfit repeating. This is why your wardrobe is full of items you’ve only worn once.

Instead, you should focus on the art of outfit repeating. This art is good for your wallet, wardrobe, and the environment. 

Outfit repeating is a tactful way to get yourself to invest more in high-quality clothes that you can restyle for years. You’ll buy fewer clothes since you focus on clothes that you love and last much longer. 

In turn, your wardrobe will be clutter-free because you’ve cut down on your waste by rewearing clothes. This reduces your carbon footprint by 20%.

By repeating outfits from your minimalist capsule wardrobe you’ll:

  • Save money by rewearing the clothes in your capsule wardrobe. On average, our customers buy a piece at $165 but will wear it over 260 times in 5 years. We find that they only spend $0.99 per wear.
  • Feel less stress. Wearing clothes that you love stops you from wondering what people think of you. You also kill decision fatigue. This saves your mental and physical energy for things that actually matter.
  • Spend less time choosing clothes and making better personal and professional decisions. According to a TED Talk by Tracey Spicer, spending less time choosing what you wear makes you more productive. 

Expert Tip: Focus on building your capsule wardrobe with staples you can effortlessly restyle such as our Something Cool Shirt.

4 - Makes It Easier to Pack for a Trip

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A minimalist wardrobe capsule helps you pack light and sensibly since you only have to select from high-quality items in your minimalist collection. 

After doing research on your destination, the weather patterns, and your itinerary, you’ll have a peaceful time selecting the most comfortable clothing for the trip.

"Love the capsule concept since we travel constantly."
- Sharon W., Aday Customer

Begin curating your wardrobe capsule before your next trip:

  • Focus on packing travel essentials that allow you to shift between work and play outfits. This Co-Work Capsule is lightweight, chic, and wrinkle-free for work trips and leisurely vacations.
  • Make a capsule for each season to prepare for your fun getaway. Check out this easy Carry-On Capsule for your next adventure. 
  • Pack comfortable shoes for each occasion at your destination. Understand your itinerary and check the weather forecast to pack durable footwear.
  • Identify base colors that you can mix and match on the move. We recommend white and beige pieces such as our Something Borrowed Shirt.

Create Your Perfect Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe Today

Looking good and feeling good—that’s what the minimalist capsule wardrobe is all about. You’ll easily weed out the clutter to identify the pieces that you love and suit your lifestyle.

Aday makes decluttering easy for you. We focus on consciously curating wardrobe capsule items so you can do less with more

Our wardrobe capsules have outfits that provide the perfect clutter-resistant basics for light living in all seasons of the year. Don't know where to start? Our best-selling  Turn It Up Pants are the perfect piece to kick off the creation of your capsule wardrobe. 

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- Melissa V., Aday Customer

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