Capsule Wardrobe Business Casual: 7 Awesome Staples That Always Work

Capsule Wardrobe Business Casual: 7 Awesome Staples That Always Work

Let’s start with a question, which you may treat as food for thought: “Is what you’re wearing right now reflecting your personality?” Simple, yet thought-provoking.

We admit: Work clothes can be too constricting, and not allow for your true style and preferences to shine through. You need outfits that are thoughtfully curated and meaningful to get out of this rut. 

One way to do this is to edit your wardrobe, by decluttering and adding timeless pieces.

In comes the capsule wardrobe. Consisting of 3050 pieces, in neutral, solid colors, the capsule wardrobe concept was vamped up by Susie Faux, a boutique owner, in 1970.

She intended to impart creativity and sustainability into fashion. The idea was simple, "Buy fewer items of high-quality clothes that can be worn effortlessly and rotated seasonally.”

In a way, capsule wardrobes have become a healthy form of detachment; out with the old, in with the new.

Often synonymous with a minimalist wardrobe, a capsule wardrobe should tick the following boxes:

  • Few and essential items
  • Timeless and classic design
  • Functional and versatile

What’s the Business Casual Trend?

two women in Aday's business casual wear

When the business casual (also called smart casual) trend began in the US, it was mostly left to tech companies in Silicon Valley.

Soon enough, it was integrated into standard workspaces through Casual Fridays’ or holiday-themed days.

There was a total paradigm shift from wearing official dresses or skirt suits with heels to dress pants with sneakers. It didn’t stop there.

Before business casual, bold colors were frowned upon so you’d rarely see a red dress in the office; it was mostly black, gray, navy blue, and white. And while the business casual trend encapsulates neutral, solid colors, it leaves some allowance for bolder color choices.

A report about perceptions of business casual attire revealed that 41% of recipients felt that incorporating business casual attire improves worker productivity, 4% felt that it has a negative impact, and 51% felt that they worked their best with a more relaxed, casual attire code.

At Aday, we curate capsule wardrobe essentials that don’t go out of style and are synchronous

All the outfits on this list can be incorporated into your business casual capsule interchangeably. That’s such a win for all capsule wardrobe enthusiasts.

Expert Tip: Our All Day Suiting Capsule incorporates items that can be worn in harmony. For instance, our Easy Days Pants can be worn with the Something Tailored Shirt and the Strategy Blazer.

1 - Made It T-Shirt

: model wearing Aday's Made It T-Shirt

Everybody needs a classic white t-shirt. This timeless piece has never been out of fashion and has stood the test of time.

You’ll find no other piece of clothing as versatile as this (the black t-shirt is a close contender) so it can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Put a blazer over it, and some bomb dress pants, and you’ll achieve a ‘put together’ look that’s both casual and professional.

These two aspects of the white tee make it a capsule wardrobe staple. If in doubt, just picture all the outfits a white tee can go with. Practically everything.

"This fits perfectly. The fabric is soft and beautiful. Not clingy but fitted. Much nicer than a standard cotton tee." - Kathy C, Verified Buyer, Aday

Did You Know? Our Made It T-Shirt comes with UV protection. So when you wear it, your skin is protected from the effects of sun radiation, such as sunburns or skin cancer.


2 - Destination Jumpsuit

model showcasing Aday's Destination Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits encapsulate what a business casual capsule wardrobe is all about: an all-in-one outfit that you don’t have to put together. They are the most stress-free outfits out there; you only need a blazer or jacket and you’re good to go.

However, there is a thin line when it comes to the appropriateness of jumpsuits in the workplace. 

The following are tips on how to wear a jumpsuit to work:

  • Stick to neutral colors such as black or white
  • Pair it with a blazer
  • Accessorize with a small belt or a statement watch
  • Avoid bold patterns or tight jumpsuits

If you’re hanging out with the girls for drinks after work, the Destination Jumpsuit is for you. The wrap top can be converted into a crop top to give you that effortlessly chic look.



Caption: One jumpsuit, five ways 

Love this jumpsuit for literally everything. It is lovely for around the office or dressed down to go out to dinner with the girls. I really can't think of a place I wouldn't go wearing this. Maybe, a farm?” - Morgan H, Verified Buyer, Aday

3 - Turn It Up Pants



Caption: Turn It Up Pants 



One of our bestselling items, the Turn It Up Pants comes in:

Three classic colors:

  1. Midnight
  2. Black
  3. Moss

Limited colors:

  1. Camel
  2. Pinstripe
  3. Sesame
  4. Khaki

This cigarette pants is slim-fit, high-waisted, and has front pleats to give you that business casual look. It can be paired with a simple white top, and sneakers, loafers, or pointed-toe pumps.

It has an elastic waistband that withstands numerous washes. You don’t need to replace the waistband due to wear and tear.

close up of Turn It Up Pants' waistband

"I really like the versatility of these pants. You can fold the hem to make it shorter. I love the stretchy and high quality fabric. I love the high waist...I recommend these pants to those who care about their comfort as much as being stylish." - Serap P, Verified Buyer, Aday

4 - Trailblazer and Strategy Blazers

girl using an Oat color Strategy Blazergirl using an Oat color Strategy Blazer

Blazers are considered formal work clothes. Not only that, but also these elegant pieces are iconic fashion items in women's history. They convey a sense of power and professionalism.

This is why you’ll never go wrong with a blazer. It adds a stylish and sophisticated twist to any outfit. But herein lies the secret: It has to be snug and well-fitted

I wasn't sure how this piece [would] fit, but I love it! A great addition to the work wardrobe and easily dressed down for more casual events. The fit is very flattering and cleverly stylish." - Jessica M, Verified Buyer, Aday

Our two amazing blazers, the Trailblazer Belted Blazer and The Strategy Blazer sit slightly below your hips to create a flattering silhouette. 

Bonus Tip: Pair the Trailblazer Belted Blazer and The Strategy Blazer with stylish bottoms such as skirts or pants.


5 - Something Cool Button Down Shirt

closeup of Something Cool Button Down Shirt

Our Something Cool Button Down Shirt is a nod to menswear. Made with a collar, this timeless piece will transform any outfit into a professional look.

The vibe is easygoing and relaxed. For a more casual feel, you can tie it into a crop top.

"I adore this shirt and get many compliments when I wear the red one, because it is so striking…the fabric is high quality, durable and very easy to take care of. I am slowly replacing almost all of my other clothes with Aday's as they make dressing so simple." - Malboeuf M, Verified Buyer, Aday 


For a bolder look, try out the same shirt in chili. However, if it’s a bit too much for your liking, pair it down with bottoms in lighter shades, such as white or sesame.

6 - LBD Dress

black dress LBD Dress

Remember Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s? The contention is still alive over what was more popular: her acting style or the little black dress she wore that became a cinematic monument.

We’ll settle for the latter.

Over time, the little black dress has become synonymous with simplicity juxtaposed with boldness. We decided to make this dress in four other colors; pinstripe, lake, latte, and cloud to suit your tastes. Imagine owning all five of these.

Our LBD dresses are comfy and durable. And hey, they have pockets! That’s not the best part. Get ready for it…they can be worn backward and forwards! How amazing for a capsule wardrobe concept.




Caption: wear it backwards 

"This one looks perfect on me. It is so functional: for office, for parties, meeting customers, whatever. Also, it still looks good, if you gain or lose some weight. Nothing can go wrong with this dress." - Tetyan S, Verified Buyer, Aday

7 - Like A Boss Pullover

model wearing Like A Boss Pullover

Pullovers are not confined to cold seasons. They are comfortable and cozy and can be worn during all seasons. Better still, you can dress them up and down depending on the situation.

Our Like A Boss Pullover comes in a breathable, buttery soft fabric that feels like a warm hug all day long. Maybe it will take some heat off your busy work day? Try it out and see for yourself.

"This is my second Like A Boss Pullover. The mist color is the perfect blue, and it’s so easy to dress up for work or cozy up for the weekends! I get so many compliments when I wear my favorite Aday pieces." - Janet A, Verified Buyer, Aday

Pro Tip: Pair your Like A Boss pullover with the En Route Crossbody or the Shrug It Off Scarf to add dimension and sophistication to your outfit.

Less Is More

Declutter your closet! Embrace a capsule wardrobe for your business casual look–a chic go-to list for your everyday outfits.

A capsule wardrobe saves you time, energy, and ultimately money that would have been wasted on 80% of clothes you own but don’t wear.

Moreover, capsule wardrobes are not projects of suffering. In fact, the “less is more way of thinking is a mental perspective that lets you actually enjoy what you wear. You’ll find yourself looking forward to another day at work.

If your morning chronicles consist of wasted time figuring out what to wear, consider Aday’s carefully curated capsule wardrobes for your business casual needs.