Capsule Wardrobe Checklist: 5 Essentials You Can Wear Anywhere

Capsule Wardrobe Checklist: 5 Essentials You Can Wear Anywhere featured image
Creating a capsule wardrobe starts with identifying your staple pieces—the essentials.

These gems can single-handedly transform your style and boost your uniqueness.

Fashion trends come and go, but capsule wardrobe essentials are timeless. You can wear them anywhere, anytime and always be fashionable.

Wardrobe staples are versatile because they match with all of your other clothes.
They’re perfect to play up your outfit for any last-minute plans.

Case in point, you just got off work and your friends invite you for dinner. Just add a blazer on top of your Little Black Dress and you’re good to go.

This is simply one of the many ways that capsule wardrobe essentials come in handy.

“If you love something, wear it all the time. Find things that suit you. That’s how you look extraordinary.” - Vivienne Westwood

Aday makes it easier for you to find your statement pieces. We believe you should love all the clothes you own to:
  • Overcome the need to follow trends
  • Feel more confident and stylish
  • Dress comfortably anywhere you go
  • Have a clutter-free minimalist capsule wardrobe

Read on and see our capsule wardrobe checklist for the 5 essentials you need.

01. A Tapered Trouser

Lady in Aday tapered Turn It Up Pants

Tapered pants have a wider top fitting and a narrow ankle hold with an elastic waistband—perfect for all body types.

Their soft material makes them a must-have piece in your capsule wardrobe checklist because of the comfort they offer your body. 

Tapered pants are also suitable for all purposes and can be styled in endless ways

Pair them with a white blouse, stilettos, and an oversized blazer for a sleek office look. Another option is to wear them with white sneakers and a plain white tee as you run your errands.

Tapered pants are perfect for both formal and informal looks.

Our Easy Days Pants are great for all seasons of the year.

“ …These really are some of the best pants I have found for traveling. They are really lightweight and comfortable. I have three pairs - the moss, oat and lighter blue color… ” - Joy F., Aday Client

Did we mention that tapered pants are a great addition to your travel capsule wardrobe checklist, too? Their soft, breathable material provides both style and function for a chic travel capsule.

Wear our Turn It Up Pants on the flight and even to the office.

“I took them for a work trip and used them for multiple outfits. They are incredibly comfortable, they look great.” - Maria P., Aday Client

In the following table we compare ordinary jeans to tapered pants:

Ordinary Jeans

Tapered Pants


Made of tough material that doesn’t easily stretch

Made of gentle material that adapts to body changes over time


Provides a firm, restricting fit at the waist

Has an elastic waistband to adapt to body form for every activity


Only appropriate for informal engagements

Suitable for both formal and informal occasions

You’ll Never Wear Jeans Again! That’s the moral of the story and the name of our new capsule with wrinkle-free and adventure-ready tapered pants.

02. A High-Quality Blazer


A blazer is a classy essential style addition for building your work capsule wardrobe. It portrays confidence, elegance, and freedom.

Coco Chanel said it best when she introduced her first suit to society:

“Nothing is more beautiful than the freedom of the body.”

It never goes out of style.

A high-quality blazer doubles as a cover-up for work trips. For example, when you want to go sightseeing during your lunch break, all you have to do is take your blazer off.

You can wear your blazer in the winter with tapered pants, ankle boots, and a turtleneck. 

Or, you can have it in hand for those rainy summer days and take it off when the sun comes back out.

“This jacket is perfect for many things. It’s a professional layer that goes with almost everything and moves with you … ” - Miciah L., Aday Client

The trick is to buy a blazer with these qualities:

    • Great fit and form: Blazers are either long, short, cropped, or belted. Choose the perfect style that fits to maximize all your other clothes. Our Strategy Blazer is a relaxed fit with a deep V-neckline, perfect for brunch and the boardroom.
    • Long-lasting and comfortable material: Your blazer should be made of breathable material that looks good and feels good, such as our wrinkle-free Double Take Breasted Blazer.

Versatile colors: Select a blazer color that you can freely combine with your other outfits. The perfect colors are black, white, and nude such as our Trailblazer Belted Blazer that offers low maintenance and a slim fit.

03. Crisp White Blouses

A white blouse is the epitome of essentiality and should never miss in your capsule wardrobe checklist because you can pair it with anything and everything.

It’s a statement piece for powerful women with minimalist wardrobes such as Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris.

When you’re going for a casual lunch meeting, wear our Something Borrowed Shirt with a pair of shorts and Oxford shoes.

You’ll want to wear our That's a Wrap Top with tapered pants and espadrilles for a relaxing supermarket run. Wear it with either a skirt or a pair of shorts for other outfit options.

Other pieces of clothing you can pair with your white blouses are:

    • Fitting denim jeans
    • Oversized linen shorts
    • Heavy knit sweaters

Expert Tip: It’s best to have a wide selection of white blouses of different lengths as part of your capsule wardrobe checklist. Wear your short blouses with bottoms and skirts. Wear the long ones either as a casual dress in the summer or as one of your layers for an elegant winter capsule wardrobe.

04. A Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are an essential capsule wardrobe checklist pieces that are flattering for every body size and comfortable enough to wear anywhere. They can look either elegant or laid-back depending on how you accessorize them.

Focus on buying a jumpsuit with an adjustable fit and design. You can upgrade your jumpsuit look by loosening up a few buttons or tying the top for a cropped style.

Opt for jumpsuits made from cotton, silk, and khaki for overall versatility and ease of movement.

Our Destination Jumpsuit speaks for itself.

It’s perfect for both work and play with an adjustable crop top.

Here are some easy work week looks you can achieve with our Destination Jumpsuit, and how to adjust them for after-work activities:

  • Pair your jumpsuit with a turtleneck and wear simple flat shoes. Swap the turtleneck for a light sweater to wrap around your shoulders for a relaxing evening with friends. 
  • Wear a high-quality blazer on top of your jumpsuit for a quick office run. Take the blazer off when you’re out of the office for a laid-back look.
  • Wear the jumpsuit as it is with a pair of brogues. After work, you can tie the jumpsuit top into a simple knot that exposes your midriff for a fun night out.

"This jumpsuit is great. I have already worn it 3x in two weeks. Twice to work and once for dinner … ” - Joan C., Aday Client

05. A Versatile Dress

A versatile dress is what every woman needs to have on their capsule wardrobe checklist. It’s a highly-recommended capsule wardrobe essential for its timelessness and effortless elegance.

You can put on a dress without a second thought and reduce the stress of deciding what to wear.

The beauty of a dress is that you can tailor your capsule wardrobe checklist to your lifestyle and needs to create preferences such as can long or short, cotton or linen, and long or short sleeved -- depending on your style and preference.

Most importantly, it must have pockets. It’s just what you need whether you’re going for a night out or relaxing indoors.

A versatile dress is also essential for your summer capsule wardrobe. You can wear our Save the Date Dress on its own, zipped up or down, with heels or sandals for a variety of looks that are appropriate for every occasion.

Pair it with dainty earrings and a watch for a minimalist summer aesthetic.

“This dress is so cute. I wear it five ways … It’s so easy to wear and takes up no space in my suitcase! Win-win!” - Tracie-Lynn Z., Aday Client

Learn How to Do More With Less

A capsule wardrobe presents endless possibilities, especially with these essentials. They form a foundation based on love and creativity for your capsule wardrobe.

At Aday, we strive to help you achieve a thoughtful path to a more abundant life. We believe in being intentional with our time and energy by creating capsule wardrobe essentials for you.

An excellent way to achieve this goal is through classy outfit repetition, which is better for the planet and saves money, too.

Shop our Off-Grid Capsule for a pre-made 5 piece capsule wardrobe that will check every box on your capsule wardrobe checklist.